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How Pay Per Click Advertising Works


How PPC Works

With Pay Per Click Advertising you only pay for actual traffic delivered to your site based on the keywords and key phrases that you choose for your listings. You have complete control of how much you want to spend, and you can change your advertisements (listings) at any time through your personal advertiser control panel. Once you set-up your account, you can return to the account login section to manage your advertising campaign whenever it is convenient for you.

What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Search Engines like Seek 7 provide Pay Per Click (PPC) also referred to as Pay for Performance listings that guarantee positioning on Search Engines by a selection of keywords and or key phrase. The process is simple using a bidding formula that lets you determine where your listing is placed in the Search Engine by how much you would like to bid. A top position on a PPC Search Engine like Seek 7 consists of a brief description and link to your website based on the relevant keywords you bid for.

Why use it?

PPC Search Engine listings give you the rankings you want, according to the amount you are willing to pay. This can level the playing field for any webmaster, providing them the ability to harness the traffic and benefit by having a #1 listing for their preferred listings. Bear in mind however, with your Search Engine ranking based on a top bid position, other webmasters may outbid you and get a position higher. With the nature of this form of advertising you will want to check your listings and adjust your bids occasionally.

PPC Search Engine listings have proven to be the most cost-effective and easiest ways to drive qualified targeted traffic to your web site almost instantly! Everyone knows that targeted traffic = more sales. With our price by performance methodology (bidding process) as well as the freedom and flexibility for our advertisers to easily adjust sponsorship listings on the fly,  you can instantly manage the amount of traffic coming to your web site. Discover how Seek 7 can minimize cost and maximize efficiency in advertising your business.

Once you signup you will have full access to bidding, traffic stats as well as other useful features to monitor your bidding on your chosen keywords and more. Seek 7 search results are featured on many other Search Engines and Websites and can deliver top quality targeted traffic right to your site!

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Step by Step

Here is a brief overview of how this system works.

1. Open a Seek 7 Advertiser account for as little as $10. For a limited time, Seek 7 will match your initial deposit up to $500. That's $500 in FREE cash for you! ( Signup )

2. Choose keywords that people would search for to find your website.

3. Place bids on those keywords when creating listings from within your control panel (as low as 1 penny). The higher your bid, the higher your search ranking for that keyword.

4. If you are out-bid you will have the opportunity to increase your bid to regain your ranking position for that keyword.

5. To add money to your account simply log-in to your advertiser control panel and make a deposit to fund your account. Seek 7 will email you a reminder when your funds run low to help you prevent your listings from coming offline.

For more information please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us here. Don't forget, for a limited time Seek 7 will match your initial deposit up to $500!

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